Jesus, Sunday 14 May

What a day!  Mary told me she would like to try to catch some fresh fish for supper, but she was too busy supervising the farm and hadn’t been able to find anyone to mend the nets.  I told her I’d take care of it, and spent the whole day by the shore.  I took a large bottle of water and plenty of bread; the house wasn’t far away but after my time in the desert it just made me feel more secure.

I spent the morning mending the nets using the twine we bought from the Samaritan.  After some lunch and a nap I had a go at casting the nets.  I hadn’t done it for ages but once you have the knack you never really lose it.  Mary’s had a little moveable jetty made, with wheels on the legs at the far end so you can push it further into the sea, or pull it up onto the beach or even wheel it along to a different part of the shore.  I found a likely looking spot, stood on the end of the jetty and started casting.

I was rustier than I had realised and I had no luck at all to start with.  My arms were aching with the unaccustomed effort, so I stopped for a breather.  I just stared out to sea, enjoying the feel of the wind on my face, and let my mind drift.  My father used to say I had a fisherman’s sixth sense when I was a kid, but I never knew what he was on about.  I always seemed to catch more than he did but I just thought he was letting me win, like some dads do.

I closed my eyes and let my thoughts wander.  When I opened them I had a strange feeling that now might be a good time to try again, maybe on the other side of the jetty from where I’d been trying before.  I looked down and sure enough, a few yards out I saw a shimmering mass of silver.  I cast the net, which became so full I couldn’t lift it back up, so I jumped into the water and dragged my catch ashore.  There were far more than we could possibly eat, but I knew Mary would be happy to dry some and give some away to her servants, so I bundled the whole lot up in the net, hauled it onto my back and staggered back to the house.