Mary Magdalene, Friday 12 May

I know it’s the Sabbath so I’m breaking the law, but I just had to make a note so I have something to remind me if he leaves me again.  It’s not that late but he’s already fast asleep in my bed, and I’ve come into the kitchen with a lamp for a few minutes.  I’ll never forget the sight of him approaching, bedraggled and silent, so unlike him, on that kind Samaritan’s donkey.  The man wouldn’t take any money for his troubles but I bought all his wares without haggling over the price, and he seemed very pleased with the arrangement.  Now I’m the proud owner of various leather goods, wood carvings, pots and balls of twine, all of good quality, which I’m sure I’ll eventually be able to use or give away as presents.  I just wish they didn’t all say ‘Souvenir of Samaria’ on them.