Mary Magdalene, Saturday 13 May

What a day!  We just stayed in bed, eating, drinking and talking, making up for lost time.  I wasn’t sure what his attitude would be, but he seemed as hungry for love as he was for food and drink.  I didn’t ask if he was going to stay for good.  Didn’t want to break the spell.  Didn’t want to be accused of nagging and give him an excuse to go away again.  Here I am, writing again, just trying to capture my joyous feelings to keep me warm when I read this on a lonely winter’s night.

I’ll get him to do a bit of fishing tomorrow.  The nets have been neglected, so he can make himself useful by mending them and then try to catch us something for supper.  Hopefully he’ll enjoy the peace and begin to realise what he’s missing.  I need to hire some extra men for the day to do some work in the fields, and I can’t leave him to deal with that.  I still remember the time he kept hiring more men all day to get the harvest finished, and then paid everyone the same regardless of how long they’d been out there toiling in the hot sun.  He meant well but he nearly caused a riot.