Mary, Thursday 18 May

How deluded could I be!  Jesus and Cyrus got up at the crack of dawn, demanded a day’s provisions and disappeared off towards the hills.  They didn’t come back till sunset, and then, after helping themselves to my best food and wine, disappeared off to a room at the end of the house with a lamp full of oil to continue with what they called their ‘work’.  More like kids playing at spies if you ask me.  Most of the time I could only hear a low murmuring, but now and again there were some very strange sounds and unintelligible language.  When Jesus finally came to bed he was not only exhausted but seemed more distracted than ever.  After saying they would need more supplies at sunrise, he turned over and went straight to sleep.  When he rolled onto his back and started snoring I didn’t have a hope of getting off to sleep, so I lit a lamp and took the opportunity to write a few more notes.  I think I should be tired enough to fall asleep now.