Jesus, Saturday 20 May

I feel transformed already, and I’ve only had three days of training.  I also feel completely exhausted, which is surprising considering today was the Sabbath, day of rest.  There’s nothing in the law to prevent a man reading and discussing the scriptures on the Sabbath of course, so that’s what Cyrus and I did all day.  Except that he was analysing them to find miracles performed by some of the prophets such as Elijah and Elisha, and then asking me to think about how they might have been done, assuming God needed any help in the process.  I haven’t learned how to heal yet and I still think it will depend very much on what God wants me to be able to do.

Most of the time Cyrus has been working with me to open my mind, as he puts it, so that I look at things in a different way and become more aware of what is going on around me.  He was very interested when I told him about my strange fishing experience; I thought he would laugh but he said that was an example of what he called a trance, and he worked on helping me to get into and out of that state at will.  He’s also told me there are more obvious tricks that people use to great effect.  I don’t like the idea of tricks at all, but I’ll wait and see what he has to show me before I pass judgment.

Tomorrow evening we’re going to a big healing meeting in Capernaum.  I’m quite excited, and it will help me decide whether I want to become a healer myself.