Thomas, Thursday 1 June, 29 CE

Nice to have an uneventful day for a change.  Got up at dawn, had a brief breakfast with Hanna and the kids, went to work, came home as the sun was setting, had a nice family meal, put the kids to bed, sat around talking for a while and now we’re about to go to bed ourselves.  Hannah has been very patient about my absences and my talk about helping Jesus out with his mission, but I wouldn’t dare to suggest I might do it full time and give up the day job.  Ideally then, I will aim to help save the world in my spare time, such as it is.  She’s huffing and puffing a bit about me writing up my diary, but I think she understands really.  Writing is what I do.

I say uneventful, but I had a chance meeting that might prove very useful.  My old friend Bart, or Bartholomew as his mother calls him, dropped into work with instructions from his master about some documents he needed drawing up.  I’m lucky to work for one of the most respected firms of Scribes in town, the one people come to for important legal work.  Most of what I do is copying and editing, but I’m hoping eventually to start doing more on drafting contracts, giving opinions on the law and so on.  I hadn’t seen him in a while and after he had explained to the boss what was needed, we chatted for a few minutes before I was told to get on with my work.

I happened to mention I was helping Jesus to get started on his mission, and I was surprised when Bart said he had been thinking about the end of the age himself recently, and the need to make preparations in case God should arrive suddenly and start judging everyone there and then.  I have always respected Bart and regarded him as fairly rational, so hearing him talk this way really made me begin to doubt my doubts.  It has to be me that’s out of step; they can’t all be wrong about it.

Anyway, Bart asked me if Jesus was looking for any followers to help out with the mission, and I more or less signed him up on the spot.  I told him we were only intending to do it part time to begin with, to see how it went, but he said he would be more than happy to give up his job if it came to it.  How to find suitable helpers has been worrying me more than I care to admit recently, so when Bart made his offer it almost seemed like God was helping out.  When I say suitable I really mean a few educated people to balance out the fishing contingent and provide a more diverse mix of abilities.  Even better, he told me he had a friend called Judas who was also looking to find a good leader while there was still time.  Apparently this Judas is used to handling money and would make a good treasurer, and he’s very loyal too.  So including me that’s three already, and with three or four fishermen we’d have the makings of a balanced team and be well on the way to a dozen.

Now Hannah has given up tutting and is licking my ear instead.  Why didn’t she try that approach before?