Jesus, Saturday 3 June

Another uneventful Sabbath.  I know that’s what the day of rest is supposed to be like, but I’m feeling bored and restless.  I don’t even feel like going out and spreading the message now.  After all those weeks of training, followed by the excitement of the exorcism and the lack of sleep and the episode with the fishermen, I felt really drained.  I had a few days’ rest, which I thought would leave me revitalised and ready to go, but I seem to have lost all enthusiasm and now everything feels such a let-down.  I was even bored at the synagogue today.  Normally I can’t resist joining in the discussions and I’ll debate points of law with anyone, but today I just couldn’t be bothered.  Mary says I can do some work in the vineyard tomorrow, but the thought of work is worse than being bored. I can hardly be bothered writing this.  Whose idea was it to write a diary anyway?  Tom’s if I remember rightly.  It seemed a good idea at the time.  Oh good, dinner time.  I hope it’s something interesting.