Thomas, Tuesday 6 June

Wonder what Jesus is up to.  He must really be enjoying himself, eating and drinking and being looked after, with his wife to keep him company and no responsibilities to worry about.  Lucky dog.

I have to admit I’ve been starting to wonder whether I wouldn’t be better off putting in some extra effort at work and sucking up to the boss a bit in the hope of a promotion, instead of putting my energies into this campaign.  I may have been born a commoner but I have the education and ability to become a Scribe myself.  Stranger things have happened.  Then I really would be respected, and Hannah could have the big house she deserves and perhaps even a servant or two to look after her.

But I can’t let my best friend down now, especially with the likes of Bart and Judas committing themselves to join us.  With any luck the mission won’t get in the way too much.