Mary, Wednesday 7 June

I wonder what Jesus thinks he’s up to.  I hardly see him these days.  I don’t know what’s got into him.  I’d be the first to admit that I thought his plan to save the world, or our corner of it, from imminent celestial judgment was a bit crazy – OK, I’d be the second to admit it after Tom, and even he has given Jesus the benefit of the doubt – but I’d rather he was at least doing something he was committed to instead of moping around the house all day.  I don’t mind him having second thoughts, but if so he needs to get his life back together and decide what he’s going to do with himself.  Maybe he’s just finding everything a bit of an anti-climax after that exorcism episode and he doesn’t know how to follow it up.  I’d love him to stay with me and be a proper husband and help to run the farm, but it has to be what he wants to do.  I’ve not even noticed him writing his stupid diary the last couple of days.  In fact I’m writing a stupid diary again myself, which I only usually do  when I haven’t anyone for company…Right, someone has to be decisive.  If he doesn’t show any signs of making a move by tomorrow I’m going to say something.