The band of followers is nearly complete

…and Jesus finally buys into the idea of parables


Jesus, Tuesday June 20

I met up with Tom after he finished work today and we had a really good chat.  His boss Ruben had given him a hard time at work for associating with me, and apparently he recognised Bart at the synagogue and said we shouldn’t be leading him astray.  Bart is the servant of a wealthy master who gives the firm a lot of work, and Ruben didn’t want anything to damage their relationship.

I ate at Tom’s house and we sat outside in the cool of the evening.  I told him I liked Bart and Judas, and he said Matthew seemed OK despite his occupation.  We agreed that if we could get Simon and a few other fisherman on board, that would be enough followers to begin with.

He said he really liked the idea of empowering the poor by leaving them powerless.  It was unique and certainly wouldn’t worry the authorities.  I also told him how it had had a real positive effect in the case of Thaddeus and Matthias.  He raised an eyebrow and I thought he was going to ask more about them so he could work it into whatever he was writing, but he changed the subject.

I have to say I liked the idea of parables, once he had explained what they were.  Basically people don’t like rules and regulations – that’s all they get all the time from the authorities as it is – so if a preacher does nothing but tell you what to do and what not to do, his listeners soon get bored.

But Tom had this idea that you could use stories to make your point.  Everyone will enjoy the story. and those who understand the point will get it and find it more memorable, while those who don’t understand it will still listen anyway, and maybe something will sink in eventually.  And the authorities can’t really nail you up for telling stories, even if they do have an idea of what you’re on about.  He said he was working on one about Cyrus, which I’m dying to hear.  I wonder what Cyrus is up to these days.