Tom’s wife gives him an ultimatum

Holding down a full time job and being Jesus’ campaign manager lead to domestic problems for Thomas.


Thomas, Wednesday June 21

Writing this in the living room.  We’re lucky enough to have two rooms, so I can write by lamplight in here while Hannah settles down in the bedroom.  Actually, the truth is we’ve had a row and she’s stormed off to bed, leaving me out here.  I was going to leave it a few minutes and then go in to make it up to her, but one of the kids woke up crying with all the noise we were making and will no doubt be sleeping in my place in the bed, so I may as well stay here a bit longer.  It’s too hot to sleep indoors anyway.  I’ll go and sleep on the roof under the stars.

She was cross about my plan to take a half day off work on Friday and then walk to Capernaum and back, going straight to work on Sunday morning.  She say’s we never see each other these days, and when I’m not out plotting with Jesus I’m at home writing sermons and parables.  She says she wouldn’t mind it as a hobby but it’s taking over my life.

She’s right of course.  I intended to devote the odd evening here and there to help Jesus get started, and then to write a few speeches to keep him going, but at times it’s getting difficult to draw the line.  He’s just so persuasive, and it is getting quite exciting, and I may never have another chance to do something like this again.  But I didn’t expect to end up trekking huge distances following him around Galilee.  I’ll tell him next time I see him.