Thomas plans the next move

Thomas, Wednesday July 5

Had a few quiet days.  We’re at Magdala again, but the fishermen have gone back to work as before, and Matthew has taken some of the others off to an inn at his own expense, leaving only Thaddeus and Jamie helping on the farm and Jesus and me planning our next move.  I’m working on more sayings for him to use.  I think even he’s beginning to appreciate the advantages of preparation.

After our arrival on Sunday a great rainstorm swept along our side of the lake, dousing Magdala, Capernaum and other nearby towns and making the atmosphere more bearable.  From what I hear, Nazareth remains as baked and parched as before.  Hopefully they will take that as a sign from the rain man they mock.

Jesus has been very quiet since Saturday, more shaken by the scene in the synagogue than I expected.  Then yesterday the news of John the Baptist’s arrest was confirmed by someone who knew one of Herod’s guards, reminding us all of the risks we face.