Peace, be still!

Thomas panics when a sudden squall hits their boat but puts a positive spin on things.

Tuesday July 11


A traumatic day, but my faith in my friend Jesus has grown.

It all started well.  Jesus and I were discussing how best to ensure he could be seen and heard by big crowds.  I think a hillside is the best solution, with the speaker at the bottom and the crowd on the slopes, like a Greek or Roman theatre.

Jesus was quite keen on the idea of speaking from a boat, which has the added advantage of preventing people from pressing in at you from all sides as well as leaving an escape route if needed, so I said why not try it out today.  A boat would also be useful for getting about between venues.

I’m not much of a swimmer and I haven’t spent years of my life working on the lake like some of the rougher disciples have, but I’m as familiar with Galilee as the next man.  We took all the disciples along to make sure there was a boat big enough to take us all, and after some negotiation Zebedee agreed to let us try out the family fishing boat.  I suggested I stay on the shore to test how well Jesus’ voice carried over the water, but the rest just wanted to go for a row and I was happy to join them.

All went well for a while but then one of the lake’s notorious squalls hit us.  Everyone was terrified, even the fishermen, but somehow Jesus miraculously managed to sleep through it all at the back of the boat.  When it we were on the brink of sinking, Peter and Andrew went to the back and begged Jesus to wake up.  When he did, he simply raised his hands and said, ‘Peace, be still!’ and immediately the squall stopped.  I have no doubt that I witnessed a miracle.

Tomorrow, Peter is going to give me a swimming lesson.  It’s not as though I’m a complete beginner or anything, but there’s always room for improvement.