A Publicity Tour?? #doubtingthomas

Thomas finds Peter is taking over as campaign manager

Tuesday July 18

Finally managed to get a decent night’s sleep and awoke late.  When I eventually left my room to see what everyone was up to, the only person around was Mary.

“Oh, they’ve all gone off on a publicity tour for Thursday’s meeting,” she said.

“A what?  For what?” I said.

“A publicity tour.  It sounded so much like something you would have made up that I assumed you were organising everything from your sickbed.  You know about the meeting though?”

I felt betrayed.  All the planning and writing that Jesus and I had done together, and then as soon as I’m out of the way he carries on without me, no doubt getting that pack of amateurs to advise him.  I’m not sure we’re ready for a big outdoor meeting on Thursday, and who’s going to make sure everything’s properly organised anyway?

“Peter’s been really good at getting everyone organised,” said Mary, who must have been picking up mind-reading tips from Jesus.  “He can’t do everything, but he knows his limitations and delegates jobs to the right people.  Of course, it would have been better if they’d involved you, but everything’s been going so well I thought you must have been behind it.  I’m not helping your mood much, am I.”

Mary doesn’t need mind-reading techniques.  She’s just really bright, aware and, above all, kind.  I couldn’t help smiling, and then we both relaxed and could chat about what was happening.  I realised that I had been pressing Jesus to try an open-air meeting,  so he was just making sure it went ahead.  I knew he wouldn’t deliberately do anything behind my back.  My only real worry was that we wouldn’t get the right numbers of people coming: too few, and we could lose the momentum we have built up; too many, and there might be disappointment if we couldn’t cope with them all.  Actually, there is one other worry.  I don’t want that idiot Peter trying to take over as campaign manager.

It seems they have all gone off in pairs, and because I wasn’t fit, Jesus has gone with Matthew.  I suppose that means they have gone to Nazareth.  I hope they stay out of trouble.

Mary wouldn’t let me help with anything physical in the house or on the farm, but she did mention that a neighbour was causing trouble by laying claim to a large strip of her land, and asked if I could give her any advice.  She gave me a letter she had received about it.  The neighbour’s name, Matthias, was of course familiar, and the letter had been written by Ruben, my ex-boss.  I told her it would give me great pleasure to do whatever I could to resist the claim.