Mary forgives Jesus for being grumpy #doubtingthomas

Mary Magdalene

Saturday July 22

I’m writing on the Sabbath again, but they have all gone off to the synagogue and it’s the first time I’ve had any peace in a while.  Anyway, now I have associate follower status I can probably get away with the occasional sin if I don’t overdo it.

Jesus somehow found out about me helping Hannah out and seemed quite cross about it.  I reminded him that Tom had lost his job because of his work as campaign manager, and had deserted his family to pursue the role full time.  Jesus was quite dismissive and suggested that Hannah and the children should give up everything and follow him in order to guarantee being saved.  I said that no mother could do that, and surely God would understand.

I left him wondering whether to grant them associate follower status too, and grumbling that the job of preparing for the end of the world was more complicated than he had thought.  I thought Jesus was just a little jealous and would have preferred the money to go towards feeding his disciples, and he blushed when I told him so.

He apologised later on when we managed to get away from everyone else, and of course I forgave him – not because I wanted to remain acceptable to God, but because he’s my husband and I love him.  We agreed that it would make things much easier if we had more idea of when the end of the age might actually happen, even to within a month or two, and he said he would pray for guidance and see what he could do.