Peter starts using all Tom’s best lines

A few more minor healings, a few more promises by people to come along in two weeks.  Many of them have heard of Jesus and I think they would prefer their town to be visited by him than two of his sidekicks.

Thomas, Thursday July27

Nonetheless, we persisted in talking to people in the market square and eventually attracted a crowd of fifty or more.  At that point it became more preaching than chatting, and Peter started to take over.  I was both annoyed and flattered when he started using all my best lines.  When Jesus said he admired Peter’s management skills, perhaps he was referring to his ability to pass off other people’s work as his own.

We prayed with our hosts tonight that God would give them the child they longed for, but I think the wife might have other solutions in mind.  She never takes her eyes off Peter, and I can tell he finds her quite attractive and doesn’t quite know what to say.  I think we’d better leave tomorrow.