With the Disciples away, Jesus plans End of World

It’s been quite liberating, not having the disciples around my feet all the time like big children.  It will do them good too, and should make them more useful when it comes to gathering everyone in for the beginning of the new age.

Jesus, Friday July 28

The more I think about it, the more Yom Kippur at the end of September just has to be the right day.  After everyone’s back and we’ve held the open-air event, I really need to get everyone focused on planning for the big day.

I hadn’t realised quite how many followers I actually had, literally following me around.  Once we started camping out it became more obvious.  There are scores, hundreds even, of people who have completely given up family and belongings to follow me.  They are the lucky ones, because they will be the first to be saved after the disciples.  I know the last will be first, but in this case I’m sure God will make an exception and take the first first, because they have put themselves first with God by being last in this world.

Anyway, I spent the best part of Wednesday and Thursday talking to them, encouraging them and getting to know them.  Then last night I thought, what am I doing sleeping out here when I could be at my wife’s house.  I know she was finding the entire crew too much to cope with, but surely she won’t mind me on my own.

Fortunately I was right.  I can spend the next couple of weeks living a normal life as a husband, and I’ll have some time to think about what lies ahead.  I know I tell my followers to abandon family and possessions, but I have important work to do, and Mary is after all an associate follower.