Marital bliss for Tom

Bliss.  I’ve just spent the day with my family doing nothing much in particular, the first day in years I’ve not either been working or observing the Sabbath or being a disciple.  It’s been even better than a holy day.

Thomas, Tuesday August 1

The only trouble is, I’m starting to feel the slightest twinge of guilt about deserting Jesus, and Hannah isn’t helping with her new attitude.  She’s started being understanding again, saying she knows how much the mission means to me.  She doesn’t exactly seem worried that I might end up being saved while she gets left behind.  I worry about my own doubts but she just doesn’t seem to treat it seriously at all.  Anyway, Jesus has shown his faith in me by letting me have this break, and I owe it to him to go back soon and continue my work with him.