Jesus gives the team a pep talk

Thomas has to agree to work with Peter but vows to keep out of his way.  A story is circulating that Jesus raised a man from the dead.

Thomas, Saturday August 5

The first of the other disciples returned yesterday afternoon.  Actually it was more than just a single pair.  Peter had met up with Simon, our resident Zealot, and his travelling partner Judas, and the three of them had continued together for a while before giving up and coming back.  From what I heard, the thoughtful Judas hadn’t been getting on particularly well with all-action Simon but they had still been making the best of it, preaching and casting out a few demons.  But after Peter arrived, he and Simon spent all their time competing to be the most important, distracting themselves from spreading the word and driving Judas further into his shell.

Peter still wasn’t talking to me, and later in the evening Jesus took the two of us to one side and explained that the disciples were a team and we all had to pull together.  Peter was a natural leader of men and I was good at strategy and presentation, so we were both important to making the mission succeed and we had to find a way of cooperating, even if we weren’t going to be best friends.  I hate pep talks, but it was better than an out-and-out bollocking.  We grudgingly shook hands and agreed to do our best.  I’m just going to keep out of his way as much as I can.  To be honest I don’t really care who is campaign manager or director of strategy or whatever.  It’s only titles.  I just don’t want that idiot getting my job after I’ve worked so hard at it.

We all went to the synagogue in Gennesaret today.  It’s nearer than Capernaum and nearly as big.  I think we just grew used to Capernaum and liked it there because they always made us feel welcome.  We should have tried Gennesaret sooner, as the welcome there was the warmest ever.  There was some story going round about Jesus raising a man from the dead, and while I’m willing to try to believe many things, raising the dead isn’t one of them.  I even met the supposed beneficiary of this miracle, who to me still looked half dead.  Still, who am I to argue with an entire grateful town?  We made sure to spread the word about Thursday’s event in Bethsaida before we left.