Did Peter’s right hand cause him to sin?

As the disciples return from the latest publicity tour, Tom puts the finishing touches to some new sayings and parables for Jesus to use at the next open air meeting.

Thomas, Sunday August 6         

More disciples arrived back during the day, and by nightfall only Thaddeus and Jamie still remained at large.  They had probably been too timid to walk into new places unannounced and had crept off to hide somewhere safe.  Everyone else seemed to have had a successful trip and there had been remarkably few disagreements, probably because Jesus had done the sensible thing with them and paired like with like: Philip and Andrew, Matthew and Bart,  and James and John.  The biggest problem had been disciples going to places that others had already visited.  There are a limited number of towns in northern Galilee, and the inhabitants of some of them must have grown a bit weary of our message by the time the third or fourth pair of disciples turned up.

Plans for Thursday are going well.  Peter is busy giving instructions on marshalling the crowd, which we now think could be even bigger than the thousand we had for the last one.  I have been putting finishing touches to the list of sayings and parables that Jesus will be using, and testing him to make sure he knows them well enough to use them as the occasion demands.  He liked my suggestions along the lines of ‘if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off’, and started riffing off it.  I was too busy thinking that the ‘right hand’ line sounded like a reference to Peter’s nocturnal habits to write any of them down, but he’ll be fine.