Tom hatches a plan

Thomas, Monday August 7        

Still no Thaddeus and Jamie.  We could send out search parties, but where to?  If nobody had seen them on their travels over the past week and a half, what chance would there be of finding them now?

I’ve been scratching my head about poor Mary and the claim over her land by Matthias.  She’s been letting me stay in the house while the other disciples have been made to camp out and find their own food again, and I already owe her hugely for what she’s done for Hannah.  The trouble is, any legal defence would cost a fortune and you’d need to win, or buy, the backing of influential people, so she hasn’t much hope.  I could just about have done it when I was in work, if I could have got the boss on my side, but things have changed since then.

Anyway, I finally had an idea that I think might work.  We know the world is going to end in the next few months, or even weeks if Jesus is right, but Matthias, being a very rich man, has shown no interest and is probably completely unaware of the fact.  So, I’m going to propose to Mary that she offers him a deal whereby he lets her keep all her land for a full year, after which she cedes to him the strip he has claimed plus an extra field at the end.  During the year he not only has to leave her alone but he also has to protect her land from any other claims.  It’s a sort of double or quits, and it’s absolutely foolproof.