Jesus talks nonsense and the followers love it

Tom recounts a successful first ‘Thought for the Day’ and realises how impressed people can be by things that don’t make any sense.

Monday August 14

This morning I got Mary to agree to my proposal about how to deal with Matthias, and I set to work drafting an agreement for them both to sign.  It’s a bit of a gamble, because if the world doesn’t end during the next year she loses a big chunk of her land, but given his power and money it’s virtually impossible to defend his claim using the law alone.  At least this gives her the land for another year and the chance to grow another crop.

I was as surprised as Jesus at the number of followers who had gathered outside to hear the first thought for the day.  He did the one about the man who sells everything to buy a pearl, but that left them unsatisfied, partly because it was so short, so he told them the one about the mustard tree as well.  That got them nodding and stroking their chins, and Jesus was able to send them away to discuss it among themselves at length.  It’s actually beneficial to use obscure sayings for thought for the day, because it gives them more to analyse and interpret.  The one thing they won’t do is say they can’t make sense of it, because nobody wants to risk looking stupid.

Jesus is growing more and more convinced that the new age will dawn on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and I can tell he’s itching to see Peter again and find out what his voices are saying.  There really isn’t much time to prepare.

New Year begins on the evening of 17th September, barely five weeks away, after which we have the Ten Days of Repentance, with Yom Kippur coming on the evening of 26th September.  I’m starting to get that churning in my stomach that comes with anticipation of something really momentous.  And the end of the age is certainly momentous.  I’m going to stop writing now before I make myself too worried to sleep.