Thomas visits his family

Tom goes home for his daughter’s birthday and worries about saving his family when the world comes to an end

Tuesday August 15      

Today must have been the hottest day of the year so far, so not an ideal day to walk to Nazareth laden with supplies.  I couldn’t even borrow a donkey because they were all at work on the farm.  Still, it made sitting in the shade after I arrived, drinking cool water and soaking my aching feet, especially welcome, and Hannah was pleased to see me.

She was especially pleased that I had come home for Ruth’s birthday, which started this evening and continues tomorrow.  I can admit to my diary that I had completely forgotten all about it, but I made a full recovery in the presence of my family and thankfully got away with it. Ruth is now twelve and the serious business of finding her a husband will soon start.  She still seems just a child to me, but in a year or two she will be ready to start raising a family and running a home.  If  the world hasn’t ended.

God, this is so difficult.   When I’m with Jesus and the disciples we make plans for the world to end by in the next couple of months, but everywhere else I find everyone looking to the future as if nothing at all is going to change.  How can I convince Hannah to be saved?  I didn’t want the end of the world to spoil my daughter’s celebrations so I said nothing this evening.  Tomorrow morning will do.