Thomas visits Jesus’ family

Mary still thinks her son is mad. Tom’s wife refuses to discuss the end of the world.  Tom can’t believe they have so many doubts

Wednesday August 16

Went over to see Mary and Joseph this morning.  Joseph is very frail now and hardly ever gets out of his chair.  He is almost crippled with arthritis and can no longer work, but he and Mary are supported by their other grown up children and won’t starve.

Mary was anxious to hear how Jesus was.  She has heard about his successes in northern Galilee and is naturally very proud of him, but at the same time she knows the focus of the mission is on the imminent end of everything, and that really worries her.  Basically she still doesn’t share her son’s beliefs about that and thinks he is mad.  Worse, she thinks his attitude to the rich and powerful is dangerous and will get him into trouble.  Her consolation is that he is with his wife now, a strong woman who should be able to take care of him.  I said he was in good spirits and was missing them both, though actually I hadn’t heard him mention either of them for weeks.

I tried discussing the end of the age with Hannah this evening and how it might affect plans for Ruth’s marriage, but she got quite upset for some reason and has hardly spoken to me since.  I was hoping she might join the mission for the last few weeks but I fear I might be losing her again.  I have to get back to Magdala tomorrow, and to be honest it will come as a relief to get away from all this doubt and conflict.