Only 30 days to New Year

Thomas has to keep finding new topics for the morning Thought for the Day address

Thomas, Sunday August 20

We’re into the 30 day period leading up to New Year now, which means that every day starts with the blowing of a shofar – a ram’s horn used as a trumpet.  It’s a call to repent and be saved, and given that we’re expecting our world to come to an end any day soon, it scares me half to death every time I hear it.  Somebody in the camp has got hold of a shofar and they make sure you hear it.

Once we’ve been shaken from sleep by the shofar, it seems natural to go straight into Thought for the Day.  It keeps the followers happy and gives them something to talk about, leaving us free to have breakfast and get on with the day’s work.  Having to give Jesus something fresh to say each day is keeping me on my toes with my writing, though I have been recycling a fair bit.  Today’s thought was a return to the theme of not worrying about the future, which seemed to go down well.  As we’re all expecting the end of the age, there isn’t much future left to worry about, apart from the actual end of the age itself of course, but it’s human nature to worry and it did everyone good to hear Jesus reminding them that it can do nothing to make things better.

Despite agreeing that worrying is a waste of effort and telling the others there isn’t much we could to do prepare for the end, I have reached the stage where I can think of little else.  I tried to talk to Jesus about it but he won’t discuss the big issues without Peter, who has gone off fishing.