The End of the World is near

Jesus and the disciples fear getting caught out if the world ends sooner than expected

Thomas, Monday August 21

Maybe this morning’s extra-loud shofar blast shook Jesus up a bit, but he suddenly wants to get on with making preparations for the end.  Thought for the Day was an unscripted warning about not being caught out if the Son of Man arrives unexpectedly early.  After that, everyone started worrying again.

We agreed it would be a good idea to do one last big publicity tour, specifically to warn everyone about how near we are to the end, and to send out a lot more people this time to make sure nobody fails to hear the message.  It will require a bit more organisation than before, or there will be a risk of too many people going to some places and too few to others.  There are some very keen and able people in the camp, and we might as well put them to use.  They won’t all want to do it or be able to, so we’re going to ask for volunteers tomorrow.