Recruitment for an even bigger publicity tour

Thomas asks not to be sent out with Peter but finds Peter has already made the same request about him

Thomas, Tuesday August 22

After a rousing Thought for the Day, almost half the followers volunteered for the publicity tour.   Peter and the fishermen returned shortly afterward and started bringing basket after basket of fish up from the boat.  They’d also sold part of their catch and brought some money to split between Judas and a grateful Mary.

Jesus was much more relaxed and chatty with them around, and I was more than happy when Peter and Andrew offered to interview the volunteers.  They whittled them down to about 70, then I spoke to them individually and eliminated a few who I still had doubts about.  We ended up with 60, which with the disciples would make 72.

Jesus smiled when I approached him later to ask not to be sent out with Peter again, because apparently Peter had already made the same request about me.  It’s not me that’s the problem, it’s Peter, but I didn’t press the point.  He suggested the two of us stay with him to work on strategy, leaving 70 to go and spread the word.  I didn’t want to go through all that business again of turning up at strange towns and being expected to perform miracles anyway, so I accepted the deal.