Mobbed at the Synagogue again #doubtingthomas

Thomas really hates the illiterate Peter for being such a good speaker

Saturday August 26

Yesterday was a frenzy of final preparations for the forty or so men who hadn’t yet gone, and today was less restful than the Sabbath should be.  Jesus stayed to go to the synagogue in Magdala but sent groups of us to Capernaum and Gennesaret as decoys.  We all got mobbed and had to address and exorcise the crowds as best we could.  Jesus said afterwards it wasn’t any quieter for him than usual, and that it seemed almost every citizen of Magdala was waiting to see, hear and touch him.

The mood at dinner tonight was quiet and tense, with everyone thinking about the travels and trials ahead, but Mary allowed us a cup or two of wine apiece and eventually the atmosphere became more relaxed.

Peter stood up to say a few words at the end of the meal, wishing everyone well for tomorrow.  For a simple man he speaks very effectively.  I always know exactly what to say in my head, but when I stand up to speak it comes out all wrong.  That’s why I prefer writing.