More sunburn and voices

Mary says help on the farm or get on the road.  Despite the impending end of the world, Cyrus plans to expand wine production for the coming years

Thomas, Tuesday August 29

It was the way Mary drew breath that made me guess what she was about to say this morning.  I’d wondered how long we would get away with sitting around talking while everyone else was toiling all hours in the hot sun.  She basically told us we had to strip off and tread grapes all day or get away from the farm altogether.  We were annoying them all.

Given my propensity towards sunburn and Jesus’ similarly pale complexion, I suggested we leave, but where to?  Mary had the answer before I asked.

“Why don’t you go to Nazareth and see your families?  Jesus can make his peace with his parents, and you really must spend some time with Hannah and your children Tom – and you can take some supplies with you.”

So that was it.  Peter volunteered to stay and trample grapes, and everyone was happy.  We were given the rest of the day off and made the most of it by quizzing Peter about his voices.   The Son of Man did come back at one point but only for long enough to confirm the date of his arrival.  Jesus and I felt a bit guilty about not pulling our weight and spent some time sweeping the yard, tidying the kitchen and preparing the evening meal, which seemed to be appreciated.

Mary said she was tired and went to bed.  Jesus soon went to join her, and Peter fell asleep at the table, so I sat and chatted to Cyrus for a while before turning in.  He’s so easy going he could get on with anyone.  He seems remarkably unconcerned about the end of everything and is already making plans for planting new vines to increase future wine production.