Cyrus is furious

Mary Magdalene pens a rare diary entry.  Cyrus gets angry but makes her feel reassured

Wednesday August 30

It’s so peaceful without Jesus and Tom here, even though it’s the busiest time of the year on the farm and there are scores of people bustling around.  The crowds of followers aren’t bothering us, and the incessant planning for the end of everything has stopped.

Cyrus is already planning to plant new vines, and he just laughs if you say the farm won’t be there in a year’s time.  He says that even if the Son of Man does come thundering down to gather up the saved, he’s happy to take his chances and carry on selling wine to the people who are left behind.  I can tell he’s really proud of how well his pupil Jesus has done, even if he thinks he’s losing the plot.  He says he’s even given up his appearances as Eleazar the Exorcist.  What’s the point, he says, when Jesus does it so much better.

He was furious when I told him about Matthias’ claim on my land this morning, and absolutely apoplectic when I told him about Tom’s proposed solution, which I actually thought was a pretty clever compromise.  Tom had left by then so with luck he won’t have heard.  Fortunately Cyrus calmed down a little when I told him I hadn’t yet plucked up the courage to go over and sign up to the deal, even though I’d hinted to Tom that it had all been taken care of.

“I’ll go over and talk some sense into that Matthias,” said Cyrus, putting a muscular arm around me, “and if he won’t listen to my talk he will have the option of trying his strength against mine or seeing how his servants cope when faced with some of my best men.”  Hearing him speak with such firmness and authority made me feel warm inside in a way I haven’t felt for a long time.

I must be the last one in the house still awake, and I need to be up at dawn with everyone else to provide support and encouragement.