Jesus visits his family

Jesus pens a rare diary entry

Wednesday August 30

I haven’t written my diary for a long time but there isn’t much else to do.  Dad went to bed early.  Like all old people he seems to get up earlier and earlier as time goes on, so he has to keep going to bed earlier.  He hardly sleeps anyway because of his arthritis and his bladder, so he’s almost constantly tired.  I wish I could help him with the pain but he just doesn’t seem to have enough faith.

Mum stayed up and talked to me for a while but has gone to bed too now.  She was pleased to see me again, and proud at how well the mission is going, but she was also worried about the constant pressure I am under.  She tried to persuade me to take some time off and let other people fret about the end of the age, but that just shows she doesn’t understand.  If I sit back and relax I could miss being saved myself, as well as putting thousands of others in jeopardy.

It felt good this morning to get away from the busy farm and the attentions of the followers.  Peter has agreed to do Thought for the Day while we’re away, which should keep them happy and be good for him.  I’d be happier if I could think what to do with the few days we have left, apart from going to Jerusalem, which Tom wouldn’t agree to.  I’ll go mad if I stay here but I can’t go back to Magdala just yet.