Unrest in Nazareth

Thomas, Sunday September 3

Went to see Jesus this morning and bumped into him on his way to see me.  He can’t wait to get back to the mission again and doesn’t seem to have rested at all.  I’m already feeling really relaxed and I’m going to find it hard to give all this up and rejoin the mission, even though I know I must.

He wants to get out preaching, healing and saving again but even he’s accepted he’d be wasting his time in Nazareth, and if we go further afield we’ll only be covering the same ground as the seventy.  That said, it has to be better getting out than staying here, so eventually I suggested the two of us go out walking tomorrow and just see who we meet and where we end up.  If nothing else, we can start to make plans for the final days as we walk and go over some new ideas for speeches.  The first of the seventy could be returning to Magdala a week from now, so before then we need to be back from any travels and to have a firm idea of what we plan to do next.