Tom and Jesus discover bacon sandwiches #doubtingthomas #bacon #tea

Lead us into temptation

Thomas, Tuesday September 5

Left early after the best breakfast ever.  Our host’s servant was frying slices of cured pork belly and serving them in freshly-baked bread rolls.  The smell was irresistible and the taste was divine.  And to drink they were serving a really refreshing infusion called char, made from dried leaves imported all the way from India.  I managed to finish my roll just before Jesus came in, but he saw my guilty expression and guessed what had happened.  He started lecturing me about keeping the law and resisting temptation, but I said I had to pack for the day ahead and left.  I don’t know what he had for breakfast but he looked guiltily satisfied himself when he came to find me to say it was time to go.

None of the seventy had been to the next town either, although some converts from another nearby town had visited to spread the word, so we preached and exorcised again, encouraging people to spread the word further and prepare for the end.  Nobody offered us a bed for the night but a farmer has put us up in his barn and given us bread and water to eat, so our sandals remain unshaken.