On the road again #doubtingthomas #Dion

Thomas, Wednesday September 6

Today we ended up in a place called Dion, which had been visited by two separate pairs out of the seventy already.  At last!  The inhabitants were still excited to meet Jesus himself, and some of the converts were eager to learn more about how they should behave.  Jesus, as ever, was more than willing to tell them.

We’re quite far from home now and I’ve persuaded Jesus that we should start to work our way back so we can be in Magdala ready to receive the seventy.  He seems happy at the way the message is spreading and accepts that there is little more we can do now.  We should be able to reach Nazareth by Friday evening, spend the Sabbath there and arrive at Magdala on Sunday.  My feet had been quite sore with all this walking but they are really hardening up now.  The best thing is that travelling around and meeting new people has stopped both of us mithering about the weeks ahead quite so much.