Conditions in the camp worsen

Jesus worries about Peter’s aggressive behaviour and about the increase in infectious diseases, which faith does not seem able to cure.

Jesus, Thursday September 14

New Year is very close now but I feel we are as well prepared as we can be now, thanks to Peter.  Tom has gone to bed early and for once hasn’t bothered to write his diaries.  I would love to read them but he always keeps them close to himself in a bag.  The only person who has ever had a good look at them was Andrew during Tuesday’s search, and he can’t even read his own name.

Peter’s ability to receive messages from the Son of Man has been invaluable in recent days.  However hard I pray I still never get more than a general idea of what God wants, and although it’s a sin I envy Peter’s gift.  Yesterday he was instructed to segregate the women in the camp from the men, to prevent everyone from being distracted by thoughts of the flesh.  He also said something about the apostles mating with the women to create a master race, but I really doubt that the Son of Man would say that, and Mary would certainly have something to say if she heard about it, and anyway it’s a bit late to start now.  Cyrus did hear it and was furious, threatening Peter with physical violence if he mentioned it again.  Not even Peter messes with Cyrus.  Tom looked quite sick and was unable to join in the segregation process, which went off quite smoothly.

The women are now together in a nice spot near the house, and I expect they appreciate the increased opportunity to gossip.

The apostles are now taking it in turns to lead prayer sessions for the camp.  There are three a day and they last a minimum of an hour each.  Peter has cut the bread and fish allowance to help keep everyone spiritually pure, and it has certainly helped on the money side.  Although we no longer accept money from Cyrus, Judas has been careful with our funds and Mary helps out where she can, and with the money confiscated yesterday there is still enough to buy flour for bread for everyone.  The main flour supplier has been Matthias, who for some reason has been very helpful recently.  Another man was thrown out today for hoarding bread in his clothing.  It’s such a shame he will be doomed for eternity for the sake of a bite to eat, but that’s life.

There has been an increase in disease in the camp recently.  Nothing dangerous, but it pains me that they lack the faith to make it go away.  Peter won’t let me go to lay hands on them in case the demons try to infect me and distract me from my work at this important stage.  He says the sick still have the gift of being saved for the new age and should be grateful for that.   Which I’m sure they are.