Thomas, Saturday September 16

Peter made everyone in the camp pray all day today and not have anything to eat until after sunset.  This is traditionally a period of repentance but there’s usually an element of joy and hope about it.  Instead we had Peter going round shouting at anyone not paying attention and kicking those who had fainted from hunger.  At least with it being the Sabbath we weren’t shaken awake by the shofar this morning, and I managed to lie in and recover from some of the recent goings-on.  I haven’t felt at all well for a couple of days now and haven’t even written my diaries.  I’m not sure who will ever read them, but I’m hoping they survive into the new age so I can look back at them when I get old – if I get old – and relive these strange times.  I sometimes find myself explaining the obvious, almost as if I expect somebody else will read all this, or perhaps to remind me when I am old and feeble.

At sunset the Sabbath ended and we went straight into the New Year’s Eve, so we are very nearly there now.  It’s nearly midnight and time for the Selichot prayers, if anyone has any more praying energy left.  Then from New Year to Yom Kippur it’s the Ten Days of Repentance, if we have anything left to repent.  I’m sounding negative and must stop it.  We will soon enter paradise and it will all be worth it.