Thomas, Sunday September 17

It’s almost sunset, when New Year will commence.  I might not write much in the days ahead in case it distracts me at such an important time.  Jews everywhere will have a final chance to repent tonight and tomorrow and ensure their names are entered into the Book of Life, for New Year is the day of judgement, although presumably the following Days of Repentance provide further opportunities or there wouldn’t be much point to them.  It’s ironic that this year the festivities have a much bigger meaning, and for those who have not been saved – basically anyone outside this farm and camp – the prayers and ceremonies could all be in vain.  They should have listened while they had the chance.

Cyrus went away this morning, saying he would feel more out of place than ever over the next week and a half.  Mary hugged him for an almost indecent length of time.  Then he wished Jesus all the very best of success, told me he would look me up in a couple of weeks and left on a smart new camel he had taken delivery of on Friday.