Jesus, Thursday September 21

We have been doing almost nothing but pray for redemption for days now.  There is nothing else we can do.  Peter has been strangely calm since New Year and hasn’t heard from the Son of Man or any of his voices for days.  It’s almost as if we have been forgotten but I know that’s not true.

The camp has been growing daily.  Word seems to have got round that this is going to be the Yom Kippur to end all Yom Kippurs, and people have been turning up, donating all their possessions and begging to be saved.  They have mostly brought all their remaining food supplies too, which has been a great help.

Just to be on the safe side I have been baptising any of the newcomers who request it in the nearby stream where we cast our breadcrumbs a few days ago.  I regard baptism as mainly symbolic but I wouldn’t want anyone excluded from the new age on a technicality.  God has also enabled me and some of the apostles to cast out demons from any of the newcomers that need it, although he still isn’t doing much to help tackle the diarrhoea demons that have possessed many existing camp members.