Thomas, Friday September 22 #doubtingthomas

Joy!  Hannah and the kids turned up at the camp today, which must now have almost two thousand members and is starting to smell a bit.  We hugged and cried for a long time.  Peter was about to usher the three of them into the women’s compound when Mary came out to greet them, prompting further gushings of tears, and said they could sleep in the house if they were willing to share a room for a few days.

Peter said Hannah should at least be baptised, but when I pointed out that she had been baptised in the River Jordan by none other than John the Baptist, on the same day as Jesus, he shut up.  Unfortunately the stress of our discussion seemed to bring his voices back and later I saw him with his hands against his temples.  I don’t care what they say now; I will be with my family at the end and that’s what matters to me.

We are about to commence one of the most important Sabbaths of the year, if not of our lives or of all time, so I must stop writing.