Jesus. Monday September 25

This is it.  Tomorrow evening is the beginning of Yom Kippur, the final day of the Ten Days of Repentance and the day when God seals the books of life and death.  Tomorrow afternoon we make one final confession of our sins and then take a ritual bath.  There are so many of us we will have to use the sea of Galilee itself.

Then for the whole of Yom Kippur we fast, abstain from everyday activities and go barefoot.  Peter has been told by the Son of Man to line everyone up in twelve squares of 144 people each, twelve rows of twelve, all looking to the East.  After a good deal of calculation we worked out that XII multiplied by CXLIV came to MDCCXXVIII, which miraculously appears to be exactly the number of people in the camp and the house who have been saved.  Some of Mary’s servants and farm hands asked at the last minute if they could be saved too, but unfortunately they were too late and were surplus to the set number.  I don’t suppose there will be any need for servants in the new Kingdom, but if roles are fully reversed we will probably be able to employ the rich and the wicked.

We will stand all night to await the Son of Man’s arrival, and all the following day as well if we need to, but given that we have been told to face the East I would expect him to arrive shortly after sunrise.  I can’t wait.  I must say goodbye for another day to Mary, who will be with the other women and children when it happens.