Jesus, Thursday September 28

Peter has explained everything.  I’m trying to come to terms with Tom’s betrayal, and I can’t believe he’s deserted us and done nothing to look after the needs of my thousands of followers when they need it most.

However, after my initial disappointment I now feel more certain than ever that we were right.  It was simply the timing, or perhaps Tom’s hoarding of earthly treasure, that made the difference between success and failure.  I’ve called a meeting of the apostles for tomorrow morning when we can work out what to do next.  We need to preach the message like never before and win more converts.  Maybe we weren’t sufficiently ambitious for the Son of Man’s requirements.  Maybe we should have gone to Jerusalem and spread the message further and wider.  I’m really excited about the future already.

Many have left the camp, some asking for their money back – I told them there was never any guarantee – but perhaps two or three hundred important ones still remain.  They have identified themselves as the important ones by remaining, and now we can put them to use in the service of the mission.