Mary Magdalene, Sunday October 1

Tom embarrassed me even more this morning when he got up early to get my donkey ready and then insisted on travelling with me.  I have to say it has made me feel immeasurably more secure, but he really shouldn’t have put himself out after they had already entertained me so well.  I didn’t even know Tom had a donkey, but he said he’d borrowed it from a friend.  He’s put himself to so much trouble, I hope he didn’t have to pay to hire the donkey too.

The donkeys plodded on incessantly and we made good progress today.  I could hardly stand when we finally stopped at an inn for the night, and I think we should take more breaks tomorrow to try to avoid getting so saddle-sore.  We’re right in the heart of Samaria now and although everyone has been civil, we do stand out as being different and I’m glad I have Tom with me.  The landlord asked straight away if we were from Galilee, so our accent must be very distinctive.  Then he asked Tom if he had a brother, because another redhead from Galilee had stayed there last night.  So Jesus is only a day ahead of us.  He’s done well though, if he’s still on foot.  He might even be in Jerusalem by now.  It was quite late, so fortunately we only had time to eat and retire to our rooms and didn’t have to sit around making conversation.  Tom has taken a bunk in a room with some other men, but I paid extra for a small room of my own.