Mary Magdalene, Monday October 9, AD 29

I came home to Magdala alone on my donkey, which Tom had kindly fed and watered while we were away in Bethany.  I left Jesus behind to continue mourning with his family.  Today is the last day of Booths, but I don’t suppose Jesus will be thinking about the rain prayers at the moment.

It was such a joy to see my house and farm again.  Most of the campers had moved away, and someone had done a pretty good job of clearing up the site.  There weren’t even any apostles around the place, or evidence of them staying in the courtyard, so perhaps they had gone back to their families or were already out preaching again.

I felt sore and dirty after so long away, and after dark I slipped out alone and indulged myself in the luxury of a swim in the cool sea, free of clothing, free of weight, free of company and free of care for a few minutes.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a good look round and think about what needs doing to get the farm sorted out, and then I’m going to join in doing the work myself.  And I’m going to stop writing this diary for a while before it becomes an obsession.