Thomas decides to see Jesus again

Sunday November 12, AD 29

Cyrus dropped some work off on Friday.  He didn’t mention Jesus but while we talked I asked him what he had been up to, and he said he’d been to Magdala again.  I know he’s getting really involved with expanding the farm, and he likes to see Mary, but twice in one week seemed a lot.  I didn’t ask the question he could see I was dying to ask, and he wouldn’t prompt me.  It was his turn to raise an eyebrow, pursing his lips as he did so, but nothing more was said.

Hannah commented yesterday that I was unusually quiet; I said I was enjoying a quiet Sabbath after a hard week.  Then later in the day she looked at me and told me I should stop brooding and pay a visit to my old friend Jesus.  She’s far more perceptive than I will ever be.  At daybreak today I took the bag of bread, water and papyrus she had already prepared for me, kissed her and set off on foot, leaving the donkey in case she needed it.

Mary gave me the biggest hug ever when I arrived.  I went in to see Jesus and sat with him for about an hour.  He said ‘Hi’ but nothing more.  Mary said that was the first word he had uttered in three days.