The Disciples are Despondent

Thomas, Monday November 13, AD29

I rose early this morning and went to find the five fishermen by the shore.  They had gone back to work but were frustrated by the uncertainty about their future.  Their baskets were only half full, as though even the straightforward task of catching fish had been affected by the pervading mood.

Thaddeus and Jamie had taken to working full time on Mary’s farm and seemed OK when I met them but a bit subdued.  Matthew, Bart and Judas were more of a problem because they didn’t know what to do with themselves and had run out of money to pay for their keep.  I said it was obvious they would have to work on the land too if they wanted to stay, and while they were surprised at my sudden bossiness they agreed it was only fair.

I bought half a goat in Magdala and helped Mary prepare it for dinner.  It was nice to be able to return a favour for once.  I took some to Jesus, who managed to say ‘thanks’ and almost smiled at the delicious smell.  I stayed and had a one-sided conversation with him as he ate, telling him in my own way what he needed to do.  I say one-sided, but I was encouraged by the fact that he grunted in all the right places.