Cast your nets to the other side

Thomas, Tuesday November 14, AD 29

I woke up even earlier than yesterday and went to see the fishermen again.  They were still in their boats, maybe twenty yards from the beach and some distance away along the lakeside when I arrived at the shore, but I could see the slump of lost hope in their shoulders.  Then a minute later their posture straightened, and a couple of them began to point my way.  I had assumed they had already seen me some time ago.

“Cast your nets over to the other side!”

That sudden call from just behind me almost frightened me to death.  I looked round to see Jesus, who had somehow crept up without me noticing him.

“Cast your nets to the other side,” he cried, even more loudly.

I saw the figures obey the command, and then I watched them struggle for perhaps half an hour as they tried to haul a massive catch onto the boat and bring it ashore.

“It’s the Master!  It’s another miracle!” shouted Peter as he jumped out of the boat before it reached the shore and waded through the waves.

“Pull yourself together,” Jesus called back.  “I could see the shoal of fish from here.  You just need to be a bit more aware, and not so withdrawn from what’s going on around you.”

Jesus was back.  He wouldn’t be ready to restart the mission just yet, but the stifling fog inside him was lifting and the sun was shining on his soul again, and I was delighted the process had begun so soon.  The men sorted out a basket of the best fish to bring with them, left the rest to family members in other boats, and we almost ran back to the farm for breakfast.  Thaddeus and Jamie were just about to head to the fields, and the other three were just about awake, so we were all able to get together round a table for the first time in weeks.  Only Simon was missing, and no one had heard any news of him.

I’m still not going to stay and join the mission, but I’m genuinely pleased that they’re back together again and making plans.