Jesus brushes up his healing skills

Wednesday November 22, 29 CE

While we’re hanging around in Magdala getting ready to leave for Judea, and while Cyrus is here, I decided to ask him to go over some of the basic skills of healing and exorcism again.  I seem to have lost my confidence lately and I’m not sure I could still heal a crowd of people like I used to.

Cyrus laughed when he had to remind me that it’s not me doing the healing but God, and that the important thing was for me to have faith.  And faith increases success and success increases faith.  And lack of either diminishes the other, and the important thing is to have confidence, which was my problem in the first place.

In order to boost my confidence again, he went back over what he called the tricks of the trade, using oils, herbs, amulets and wobbly cups of water.  These can help the faith of the person being cured and can actually do some good on their own, and this can help to create a virtuous circle and get me back on the way to performing mass healings like I used to only a few weeks ago.  I was very grateful for his guidance, and even more pleased when he turned out to have extensive supplies of oils, amulets and so on with him, which he could let me have at a very reasonable price.  He said he would see Mary about the money side of things.