Roman soldiers kill Galilean worshippers

Jesus, Thursday November 23, 29 CE

It’s getting noticeably cooler and the days are shorter than in the summer.

A chill of another kind settled on us today, when news reached us that Pilate’s soldiers had killed several Galileans at the end of last week.  Apparently, all the men were doing was making some small sacrifices to God.  The Centurion said he would let them continue, provided they also made a sacrifice to the Roman gods to demonstrate their loyalty.  The Centurion thought this was a perfectly reasonable compromise but of course we Jews can only worship the one God to the exclusion of all others.  So the Centurion had them killed.

There could have been a rebellion there and then, but the Romans stood firm behind their shields and the Galileans weren’t prepared.  The soldiers retreated out of town, but the rumour is that a messenger was sent to call for reinforcements.

This gave me the impetus I had been lacking.  It may seem dangerous to head south towards Jerusalem where the Romans are always out in force for the main festivals, but it would be plain stupid to hang around in Galilee to be murdered.  Anyway, Jerusalem may be a Roman stronghold but it’s also the site of the Temple, which is God’s stronghold, and he’s rather more powerful and permanent than the Roman empire.

I’ve told everyone to prepare to set off at the start of the new week on Sunday