Pharisees on the prowl again #Pharisees

Jesus, Saturday December 2, AD 29

The synagogue was quiet today, a pleasant change.  I even avoided pointing out some basic errors the speakers were making.  When I was approached on my way out by a woman asking me to heal her frozen shoulder, I did it without thinking.  All I did was touch the shoulder and tell her to have faith, and she said she felt a rush of warmth and was completely cured.

Immediately I found myself being glared at by a pair of Pharisees who had been arguing earlier for a much stricter interpretation of the law.  I wasn’t in the mood for conflict and moved away as soon as I could, but I can already sense that next week might not be as peaceful.  Why do they always seem to be lying in wait for me, and why can’t I heal on the Sabbath?  It’s ridiculous.  I always end up doing it because that’s when people get to see me.  Anyway, the Pharisees won’t be happy till they’ve made the law so complicated that only they can possibly hope to keep it.

Mary expects to have everyone settled in with their hosts tomorrow.  Peter wanted to stay and share with me, but he’s very intense and he snores, so I’ve managed to arrange it so I’m sharing with the quiet and practical Judas.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the mission develops down here.  I want to go back to our roots and use synagogues as our base for spreading the message, if we can avoid antagonising the Pharisees too much.  Most synagogues are in use all week as meeting places and schools, so we don’t have to restrict ourselves to the Sabbath.  We could even pre-book a few appearances and put some publicity posters up.

Everything’s going to be low key to start with. I want to build on firm foundations and establish a dedicated following who can help to spread the word.  By the time the end comes at Passover, everyone in the region will have heard the message and had the opportunity to be saved, with no need for the big meetings of thousands of people like we used to have.  I’m not going to keep my diary every day either; life’s too short.