Message spreading well #Pharisees

Jesus, Saturday December 9, AD 29

Another week over and things are going well.  The message is spreading fast, and already I can’t walk around Bethany without being recognised.  If people ask me to heal members of their family, I’m happy to go to their house to do my work.  They’re usually delighted with the results and often ask me to stay for a meal.  I always accept when I can, and use the occasion to tell them to renounce evil, give their money to the poor and prepare for the coming Kingdom.  I’ve told all the apostles to follow my example, and a loyal base of supporters is already building faster than I had expected.

Some of my best results are achieved with people I’d least expect to become followers, such as tax collectors and prostitutes, but these are the people who need saving most, so I’m quite happy to mix with them if it’s what I have to do.  They can be quite good company actually, and I’m looking forward to some of the dinner parties I’ve been invited to.

I tried to stay on the right side of the Pharisees today by not healing anyone at the synagogue, but they were still very sniffy and holier than thou.  Then as I was leaving a man asked me to go to his house to see his possessed daughter, and one of them overheard and started condemning me in a loud voice for even talking about healing.  Just to annoy them I told the man that if he had faith, his daughter’s demon would leave her without me going to visit her.  That really wound them up, but they are so petty it makes me want to do more to annoy them in future.